The DHM in hovenia dulcis has been shown to help the liver process alcohol quickly, which enables the body to eliminate the alcohol from your body before it can do any damage.
Hovenia Dulcis


Grown in: China

Part Used: Seed

Dietary Sources: Japanese Raisin Tree Fruit

What we test for

Heavy Metals
Pesticide Residues

      Clinical References

      Hovenia Dulcis extract has been shown to alleviate the headaches, dizziness, nausea, and weakness associated with alcohol consumption. The favorable effect appears to be associated with inflammation without endotoxemia.
      Kim H, Kim YJ, Jeong HY, Kim JY, Choi EK, Chae SW, Kwon O. (2017). A standardized extract of the fruit of Hovenia dulcis alleviated alcohol-induced hangover in healthy subjects with heterozygous ALDH2: A randomized, controlled, crossover trial. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 209:167-174.
      Animal studies show that dihydromyricetin counteracts acute alcohol intoxication, and also withdrawal signs in including tolerance, increased anxiety, and seizure susceptibility.
      Shen, Yi, et al. (2012). Dihydromyricetin as a novel anti-alcohol intoxication medication. The Journal of Neuroscience 32.1: 390-401


      Large doses of hovenia dulcis extract increase glutathione, an enzyme needed to effectively metabolize alcohol.
      Xiang, Jinle, et al. (2012). Effect of juice and fermented vinegar from Hovenia dulcis peduncles on chronically alcohol-induced liver damage in mice. Food & Function 3.6: 628-634

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