For Women Who Drink: Alcohol & Your Health

June 03, 2019

For Women Who Drink: Alcohol & Your Health

You've probably heard before that women are more prone to the effects of alcohol than men. It may seem like an unfounded or sexist piece of advice, but it's actually a verifiable and significant fact. The truth is that women's bodies are genuinely more susceptible to the various effects of alcohol, which poses some notable difficulties for women's health. Alcohol definitely has some serious health risks as it is, but women who drink could be risking more than they realize. A little understanding and a few precautions may make a substantial difference in your overall health and wellbeing.


Women's Bodies & Alcohol

When it comes to alcohol, the essential difference between men and women is that women's bodies retain more alcohol and are less efficient at breaking it down. Compared to men, women have less water stored in their bodies and a higher concentration of fat. Water dilutes alcohol, while fat absorbs it, meaning higher concentrations of alcohol are directed to women's organs. Another factor is that women produce less dehydrogenase, an enzyme that breaks down alcohol before it hits the bloodstream. This means that women often obtain a higher blood alcohol level with fewer drinks than men would.

This difference in alcohol tolerance means that women face a higher risk of damaging their health due to excessive drinking and intoxication. In general, it takes about half as much alcohol to affect women the same as men. Binge drinking and alcoholism are therefore easier to succumb to and can become even more hazardous over time.


Alcohol & Health Risks For Women

Because women absorb alcohol quicker and more thoroughly, the health risks associated with drinking are more difficult to avoid. Women who consume more than one drink per day are at a significantly higher risk of severely debilitating health hazards. Motor vehicle crashes and other injuries are common, as are emotional issues such as depression. Health issues such as strokes, high blood pressure, certain cancers, liver and kidney disease, and other serious illnesses can also be a problem. Some studies have shown a link between excessive alcohol consumption and breast cancer. Many medications have adverse side-effects when mixed with alcohol. Also, women who are pregnant can face some severe complications involving their own physical health as well as that of the offspring.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, moderate drinking is defined as one drink a day for women. Women who drink excessively may be at a higher risk of doing damage to their body, but moderate drinking also has the potential to be detrimental. This doesn't mean women should absolutely never drink, but a few precautions may make a difference in your overall health throughout the rest of your life.


Stay Healthy & Drink Smarter

At Livelife, our mission is to help women enjoy their lives while preserving their health and wellness. The Livelife formula is designed to level the playing field, providing a range of beneficial antioxidants, amino acids, and adaptogens to lessen the overall impact of alcohol on your body. Our formula can help you by boosting your liver's detoxification function, reducing inflammation caused by alcohol, aiding cognitive function, and promoting balanced hormones. It contains no caffeine or sweeteners, and is 100% vegetarian and sugar-free.

Having a drink now and again is something almost everyone enjoys, but that doesn't mean we can't still control the quality of our lives. Livelife is for women who drink and want to keep their mind and body functioning healthily and happily for years to come. All it takes is a little help to make the difference between risking life and enjoying it to the fullest.


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