Drinking Smarter: The Best & Worst Alcoholic Beverages For Your Health

July 11, 2019

Drinking Smarter: The Best & Worst Alcoholic Beverages For Your Health

As you're probably aware, drinking alcohol is a common way to relax and unwind after a long day's work.  But in order to stay healthy, we must drink responsibly. Part of that responsibility involves being aware of how your drinks are affecting your body. It isn't just the alcohol you need to keep track of. Different beverages have different properties that interact with your body in different ways. Depending on what you drink, you may be ingesting other substances that could be more detrimental to your health than others. Read on to discover the best and worst alcoholic beverages for your physical well being.


Alcoholic Beverages & Additives

Aside from the alcohol itself, the most significant factor affecting your health are the additives and contaminants different beverages contain. Generally speaking, the cleanest forms of alcohol are usually the best for you, as there are fewer substances making an impact on your body. That being said, some additional components can be beneficial, but many are not. Chemical compounds in certain varieties could lead to worse problems for your liver, brain, and hormones. In order to lessen the overall impact alcohol has on your health, you're probably better off avoiding added compounds when you can.


Beers & Ales

Most beers contain a significant amount of gluten and sugar, which can alter your blood sugar levels over time. Also common is high fructose corn syrup, various dyes, and other chemical additives that could have a negative impact on your system. Light beers are often the healthier choice for cutting down on carbs, as are gluten-free and probiotic beers. Even then, however, you're likely still consuming various chemicals such as propylene glycol, carrageenan, nitrates, and other additives. All in all, overindulging in beer can lead to significant problems for your gut and hormones, and should be fairly limited at the least.


White Wines

These tend to be cleaner and purer than red wines, but there is more to it than that. Certain white wines can contain large amounts of sugar, as well as additives such as sulfites and nitrates. Sulfites are used to eliminate bacteria and prevent oxidization, but they can also negatively impact your lungs and increase headaches. They also tend to have an impact on your brain that worsens headaches and can cause significant damage over time. In light doses, a glass of white wine is usually fine. Look out for labels indicating a bottle was made with sulfites, and try to limit your intake of these in particular. 


Red Wines

Similarly to white wines, red wines contain many of the same properties in heavy doses. They tend to have heavier concentrations of sugar, sulfites, and other additives compared to their lighter counterparts. That being said, there are often other compounds in red wine that make a positive impact, such as probiotics and antioxidants. This makes things a little more complex, as there are mixed outcomes from drinking red wine regularly. It's been said that a glass a day can improve your health, while too much can leave you sick and take a toll on your brain and liver. As with many things, it's a balancing act. 

Liqueur & Spirits

When it comes to heavy alcohols like these, the key thing to pay attention to is what they're made from and what they're mixed with. White liqueurs tend to be the cleanest alcohol there is, usually containing little more than the components of their derived source. Tequila is actually considered one of the cleanest form of alcohol, as it's made from agave which is grown with few pesticides and other contaminants. With a lower concentration of sugar and other additives, clear liqueurs can be significantly less dangerous to your overall health, and your liver in particular. Try to mix it with other all-natural beverages for the purist of alcoholic drinks.

A Healthier & Happier Life

At Live Life Naturals, our mission is to enable women to enjoy their lives while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our products can help women who enjoy having a drink now and then manage their overall health and wellness. Keep up with us for more information about mitigating the negative effects of alcohol and enjoying life to the fullest!

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